Chapter 9 – Clexane

Guess who is delighted about having just injected herself with Clexane for the last time?! Although I am going to miss making patterns out of the bruises. #bruiselikeapeachclub


I was very fortunate to only have to inject myself for four weeks.  Every evening I was required to inject myself in alternating locations to prevent blood clots. I had quite severe nerve damage down my left hand side following my surgery so injecting on my left hand side was grand.  The days I had to inject on my right hand side were awful though.  So fucking long to those wretched injections and the fucking vile yellow sharps container.

I posted about it on social media and had a lot of people contact me letting me know how much they struggled with them too.  Most people had them following giving birth though which I found a little more difficult than I expected.  I had taken the loss of my fertility relatively well but every now and then the grief would wash over me. Like when I was on wards or in waiting rooms with expectant mothers.  Or when the only people who understood elements of my recovery were people who gained a child from this understanding, not suffered life altering loss.



But in more uplifting news, I only have two more weeks of having to wear the surgical stockings 24/7!  Peachy times!

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