Hello there kittens,

My name is Tanya. I am a 28 year old dedicated devotee of false lashes and red lipstick.  Artist, baker, superb tea maker. Owner of the most beautiful black cats named Tabitha and Bellatrix. Fond of a decent pint of Guinness and drinking gin in bath tubs. Exquisite spinster in the making.  Perpetually tempestuous.  Half Scottish, half Irish.

Life is colourful and so is my language so reader discretion is advised.

“Felina Domina” roughly translates as “cat lady” so calm yourself.


SPOILER ALERT : I have suffered with endometriosis and poly cystic ovary syndrome for seventeen years. I was recently diagnosed with atypical hyperplasia which was later confirmed as being endometrial endometriod adenocarcinoma (which is cancer for those of us who haven’t completed residency programs in obstetrics and gynecology). I am recovering from a laparoscopic radical hysterectomy and currently undergoing brachytherapy.  I am trying to gather my thoughts and experiences on these issues for three main reasons.

  1. The past few months have been pretty devastating and I find writing especially therapeutic.
  2. There is a huge stigma surrounding these topics and more discussion is greatly needed. If my words can make a single person feel less alone or comforted, then I would be genuinely delighted – especially as there is so little support for women of my age.
  3. I am fucking sick of having to go through every fucking detail with every fucking person who finds out about my diagnosis. So this is a delightfully convenient way of keeping people updated without exhausting myself.

I am nothing if not candid. If you would rather not know the finer details of how I essentially gave birth to my own reproductive organs, I probably wouldn’t read on if I were you. But should you brave it – well, it has all been pretty tragic but I’m hilarious.

At the close of “De rosis nascentibus,” a poem attributed to both Ausonius and Virgil, the phrase “collige, virgo, rosas” appears, meaning “gather, girl, the roses.” The expression urges the young woman to enjoy life and the freedom of youth before it passes. I hope that helps explain the title.

TL;DR – I have old lady cancer, I like to write about it but I’m occasionally hysterically funny.