Chapter 13 – Brachytherapy

My course of brachytherapy was with the most wonderful team.  I have been incredibly fortunate with the medical professionals I have had.  I mean they were not so wonderful they counteracted the indignity of having radioactive materials rammed into your vagina, but they made the whole experience much more tolerable than I was expecting.

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Lucky and Brave

I tell people endlessly that I have been incredibly lucky, that the situation could have been so much worse.  They usually tell me how brave I am, and that they admire my positvity.  We both know it’s not that simple, but its so much easier this way.

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Dr B

My reproductive organs had been tugged out.  Part of my vagina had been cut out.  I had been stitched up like cushion.  I was injecting myself daily, my entire stomach was a mass of bruises, but the thing I was upsetting me most was the thought of having to go to the doctors.

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Hello there kittens,   My name is Tanya. I am a 28 year old dedicated devotee of false lashes and red lipstick.  Lover of fairy tales, myths, burlesque and drag.  Old soul.  Audacious and strong willed.  Perpetually tempestuous.  Half Scottish, half Irish. Oh, and I have cancer.

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