Hello there kittens,   My name is Tanya. I am a 28 year old dedicated devotee of false lashes and red lipstick.  Lover of fairy tales, myths, burlesque and drag.  Old soul.  Audacious and strong willed.  Perpetually tempestuous.  Half Scottish, half Irish. Oh, and I have cancer.

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Chapter 7 – Hysterectomy

I was back at the hospital within 18 hours.  I was willingly offering myself up to be sliced open, my organs removed through my vagina and sent to different parts of the county, my insides scraped clean. An unusual blend of Egyptian mummification, childbirth, and being hung drawn and quartered.

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Chapter 5 – MRI

I received the letter inviting me for a MRI.  The thought of this tied my stomach in knots.  Let’s just say I am not fond of enclosed spaces.  But I pulled myself together and prepared myself just in case this would reveal my secret adamantium bones.  Better to be safe than be sorry.

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Chapter 4 – Hysteroscopy

I was becoming pretty skilled at waiting for life changing letters by now. Two days after my initial consultation with Gorgeous George a letter dropped on my doormat inviting me to my hysteroscopy in two days time.  This was nowhere near enough time to overthink the situation which was just peachy by me.

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Chapter 3 – Oncologist

Life carried on much as it did before. The medication I had been given to stop my bleeding was working a treat and the relief I felt was unreal. Then I received a letter from the hospital. My heart was in my throat and I knew it was worst case scenario.

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