Chapter 12 – Hiking

My housemate was running a half marathon and I offered to accompany her.  The race was over the Shropshire hills.  By this point I felt very much back on my feet. I grew up watching Xena: Warrior Princess, I could definitely manage a hike weeks after major surgery.

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Lucky and Brave

I tell people endlessly that I have been incredibly lucky, that the situation could have been so much worse.  They usually tell me how brave I am, and that they admire my positvity.  We both know it’s not that simple, but its so much easier this way.

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Dr B

My reproductive organs had been tugged out.  Part of my vagina had been cut out.  I had been stitched up like cushion.  I was injecting myself daily, my entire stomach was a mass of bruises, but the thing I was upsetting me most was the thought of having to go to the doctors.

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